The IACO Fall Conference is cancelled due to COVID-19.
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Message from our President:

Illinois County Officials/Friends:

2020 will most certainly be memorable for each of us. Adapting the work environment to the pandemic, keeping up with impactful legislation in the midst of election year politics, and maintaining education requirements have challenged us all.  

Many offices have developed new methods of working in order to protect clients and staff as well as continuing to provide excellent service to the community.  Hopefully you had opportunities to share ideas and experiences with other members of your affiliation.  What may seem like an obvious solution to some may have been overlooked by others whose circumstances are somewhat different.  Many of the ideas include efficiencies and methods that will continue after COVID.  Your ideas and experiences likely have universal elements that would benefit all IACO members so maybe it would be a good idea to have a forum to share such insights.

COVID-19 has created an operational burden on each of our offices, however, the politics of Washington and Springfield continue.  Your IACO Legislative Committee is working to ensure that legislatures and IACO members are educated of the consequences of proposed legislation.  If you see legislation that may impact on your office (good or bad) please share.

Looking toward 2021 there has been discussion regarding extending the conference a day to allow everyone additional time to catch up on their continuing education requirements.  While many organizations waived the CEU requirement for 2020, still others had not and would benefit from the extra time.  If your affiliate would benefit from an extra day at the Spring 2021 Conference please contact Tamiko. Between now and then if there is anything your IACO can do to assist please share with you affiliate representative to the IACO Board or leave me a message at 815-334-4229.

I very much look forward to welcoming everyone at the IACO 2021 Spring Conference.  So much is gained from our time together.  I personally want to thank all of the vendors who despite their own struggles continue to support your IACO.  Finally, thank you for the incredible service you continued to provide your community during this difficult time.  You and your staff represent what is good in Illinois.

Please email Tamiko at [email protected] if you want your 2020 Spring Conference funds to be applied to the Conference Registration for the 2021 Spring Conference. 

Michael A. Iwanicki, President
Illinois Association of County Officials

Mark your Calendars!

April 19-21, 2021
2021 IACO Spring Conference
Wyndham City Centre - Springfield, IL

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