The IACO Spring Conference is cancelled due to COVID-19.

Message from our President:

Illinois County Officials/Friends:

Many of you have expressed concern regarding the continued increase in COVID-19 cases and continued recommendations to restrict travel and avoid concentrations of people. Over the years IACO had been able to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone even through SARS (2003) and H1N1 (2009). Unlike the mentioned pandemics there are still too many unknowns regarding COVID-19.  We did not want to cancel the conference, however, due to the Governor’s proclamation of March 16, 2020 which has limited all public gatherings to fewer than 50 people for 8 weeks, we had no choice but to make the decision to cancel the 2020 IACO Spring Conference. 

Everyone will be receiving a full refund.  For those who paid for your conference registration online with a credit card, you will be receiving a refund unless you specify that you would like to apply it toward the Fall Conference in Bloomington.  The benefit to the IACO applying your paid registration to the Fall Conference is a reduction of the credit card processing fees charged to the association.  If you paid for your conference registration by check, the un-cashed check(s) will be returned to you.  If you had not yet paid, your registration will be cancelled and outstanding invoices in the online system will be voided.  Please email me at [email protected] if you want me to hold your Conference Registration for the 2020 Fall Conference. 

CANCEL YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS!  The hotel will not do a blanket cancellation of reservations.  So, you will need to cancel any reservations that you have made for the conference. 

Finally, because persons are having to self-isolate loneliness and depression can become a problem for many. Even persons in Care facilities and assisted living may feel isolated. Should you know of someone who may be isolated think of giving that person a phone call. We are all in this together. On behalf of each of us on your IACO Board we pray for your continued health.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 IACO Fall Conference – November 18-20 (Wednesday – Friday) Marriott Hotel Bloomington Normal.  Contact Tamiko Kinkade at [email protected] with questions or concerns.

Michael A. Iwanicki, President
Illinois Association of County Officials

Mark your Calendars!

November 18-20, 2020
Marriott - Normal, IL